The Gift of Thoughtfulness

There is an endless list of occasions in life that we choose to mark with a gift…

from births to weddings, graduations to job promotions, new homes to new adventures, thankyou’s to sorry’s. When we give something to mark these milestones and moments, we are not only hoping to put a smile on somebody’s face. We are demonstrating our shared appreciation of a moment.

A friend, who is expecting his second child, asked me whether my husband was emotional when I was pregnant. Seeking validation that a husband not cooing over his wife’s blossoming belly is ‘normal’, he said to me, ‘I just don’t feel it like that’. He’s a strapping, South African lad, who would be the first to be up until midnight assembling new baby furniture and applying fairy garden strickers on his little daughter’s bedroom wall. I catch him regularly helping adjust his young daughter’s princess outfit whilst pulling carrot stick snacks from his Peppa Pig backpack. He confides, ‘I’ll just get it more once she is born’ (lucky man, he’s expecting his second daughter). I think I had a pretty similar experience with my husband, so I said to my friend, ‘I get it’. I also said to him, the only thing I would say, is do make a point of marking this moment in your life. It will be the only time. It will pass. It will pass quickly. You know this. So take the time to write that card, offer a gesture, a gift and mark this moment. They do pass so quickly. And whilst I know he will be a great father like he is to his first daughter, celebrating with his wife, recognising their shared experience, just takes a little bit of time, a little bit of thought, which impresses a moment on to our life’s important memories. And that can help deepen our important relationships.    

How to mark these moments or choose a gift can be difficult. There are the go-to gifts: a bottle of wine to be enjoyed (less appropriate for your pregnant wife or new mum), a card that captures your thoughts and feelings, or a bunch of flowers that will brighten a home for a time. Yet, these presents don’t always seem to capture your intention to mark a moment you care about.

We all have items around our homes that have the ability to take us back to moments stored in our memories. Photos, cards, mementos, souvenirs. Rings on our fingers, a watch on our wrist. Physical items with the ability to time travel.

Happiness is a collection of good memories and the ability to add to that collection. The items we keep can act as storage for these memories, an outward reminder of a moment that’s passed.

This is the effect a truly thoughtful gift can have.

The thoughtful gift is more than just a gesture. It’s more than a passing well done. It’s more than a present for the sake of giving a present.

The thoughtful gift becomes part of the moment celebrated, part of the memory. It holds the very thing you are celebrating within it. And that gift continues to grow.

When we mark a milestone with a gift that is symbolic we are allowing ourselves to honour, celebrate, assess, and understand where we are on our life’s journey. To take stock of where we have been and focus on where we are going. A symbolic gift will always represent that moment in time, will always enable the recipient to remember that moment, remember that part of their life, and reflect again on from where they have come.

Sharing meaningful gifts is an important part of marking life’s milestones, and that needn’t be complicated.

Our aim is to make giving a thoughtful, symbolic gift simpler.

A MINNIKIN is a gift to keep, a gift to remind. A gift that will grow, alongside memories.



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