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There are vast and varying meanings associated with the Orchid just as there are colours and varieties – a message within inself – you are unique and wonderfully complex!

In Ancient Greece Orchids were associated with virility influenced by the botanist who named her from the Greek word “orkhis” as he thought the fleshy underground tubers resembled the male anatomy.

By Victorian times the meaning shifted dramatically to represent luxury and nobility and today this sense of magnificence and artful splendour continues with orchids representing rare and delicate beauty. This exotic and graceful plant represents love, luxury, beauty, nobility and strength.

The Orchid’s ability to possess qualities from virility to nobility speaks of their greater purpose, one greatly appreciated by those around them.

As a gift, this Orchid is a sign of great love, respect and admiration and more than that, pure appreciation for all that makes you, you.


Plant Type Indoor Houseplant

Its Future
Orchids can live for years, even decades with the proper care and once you find the right location and conditions. Their lifecycle consists of an initial bloom, a dormant period and then a rebloom. 

Plant for thought
Location and light is key for your Orchid as they like a lot of indirect light. They will appreciate temperatures around 16-24 degrees celsius and avoid radiators.

MINNIKIN packaging can be up-cycled in many unique and creative ways. If you choose to keep your Orchid in your MINNIKIN packaging, you will need to take it out regularly to water it.

Alternatively you can either place your plant into your favourite pot directly (and then take it out to water). Or replant it in a slightly larger container which has good drainage.

Sun Exposure They need a lot of light but not direct light. Put near a south or east facing window if possible.

Water Usually small amounts every few days but avoid overwatering. To avoid overwatering, feel the soil a few fingers below the top and if still moist, it does not need watering. They will also enjoy regular misting (don’t we all!)

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