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The olive tree is most recognised as a symbol of peace or victory. According to legend, Zeus announced that the most important Greek city would be given to the god or goddess who offered the most useful gift to the people. The city, now called Athens, was awarded to Athena who offered the most striking and prized gift above others, an olive tree. The Olympic winner was crowned with an olive branch to pass on its vitality to him.

Today in Greece “I ate bread and olives with him” denotes friendship and a common blessing for married couples is, `May you always have bread and wine and olive oil in your house.”

As a gift they represent peace, hope, wisdom and wealth, offering a wish for an abundant future.

Plant Type Outdoor

Its Future
Olive trees can last for hundreds of years and with their small root system, they can be moved or transplanted at every new chapter.

Plant for Thought
They like sheltered positions and feature fabulously at front doors, on balconies, and decorating roof top gardens. Can tolerate full day sun.

They like south- or west-facing aspects in sheltered positions. If you have a protected city garden or live in a mild area, olives can be grown outdoors as long as you give them a sunny position and plant them in well-drained soil – for example, against a warm wall would be ideal. In cold or northern regions, winter protection in a conservatory, for example, or sheltered spot will be required.

Find them a sunny (preferable) or semi-sunny spot.

Once established, they can cope with dry periods, yet olives in containers need regular watering and feeding to produce fruit. In their first year, water once a week – ten days, not letting them dry out completely.

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