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In Chinese symbolism, the Monstera is a symbol of a long life and the honouring of elders and respected people. In Hawaii it is said that a Monstera leads to rays of hope, in Feng Shui, good luck. Named in May 2017 as one of GQ’s Top 10 Cool House Plants, as the ‘Monstera grows wild and free and requires very little care to look as good as they do. You can do your thing and they can do theirs”. The Monstera is full of energy, yet creates a relaxed feel to a room. This contemporary, designer plant is easy to care for and will become a feature whatever the space it occupies.

Plant Type Indoor Houseplant

Its Future
The Monstera can grow quite tall and in time become a great room divider or feature in a large room or conservatory.

Plant for Thought
This stylish plant is a source of inspiration in the worlds of fashion and art. When smaller they add interest to bland shelves or tables.

Once sizeable, they work perfectly as a decorative room divider and living air conditioner for anyone who could do with some fresh air and privacy.

MINNIKIN packaging is not your Monstera’s ideal long-term home. You can either place your plant into your favourite pot directly (and then take it out to water) or replant it in a pot the same size as your plant. If replanting, put some stones at the bottom, use multi-purpose soil. Re-pot around once every two years, during Spring. After about 3 years, they can grow quite unruly and would benefit from being cut back.

Sun Exposure
They are pretty hardy and can handle dark to light environments. Avoid radiators (that is true for most plants) and avoid afternoon direct sunlight (south and west facing aspects).

Around two teacups of water over a 10 day period or one cup every 5 days. They also like misting, especially if there’s not enough humidity in the air.

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