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Most of the world’s religions refer to the significance of a type of Ficus, such as the bodhi tree or Ficus religiosa, which was seen as a symbol of ‘awake-ness’. The Ficus Lyrata was the sacred tree of Buddha, where under it, the opening to enlightenment began. The ficus awakens intuitive insight, releases past blockages, bringing them out and into the open, enabling new perspectives and thresholds to be crossed.

It is a symbol for wisdom and learning, in part from its ability to produce two crops a year, one from buds left from the previous season’s growth, the second from the new season’s growth. This in itself acts as a reminder to build upon past activities for greater abundance.  

The Ficus Lyrata reminds us to trust our intuition in order to take advantage of the abundant opportunities coming our way. Its message is one of building upon the past and opening up to new insights.

Plant Type Indoor Houseplant (no fruit or crops when a houseplant)

Its Future
They like to grow. If you want to limit their size, you can limit their pot sizes, otherwise replant once you notice a sizeable growth spurt.

Plant for Thought
As this is a designer and very structural plant, find a home where it can stay for a while (you don’t move it on a regular basis) where it will get noticed. It will add a feature to blank walls, a living room or study.

They are sensitive to cold draughts and don’t like moving too much (they tend to survive but not look their best) and keep away from radiators (as with most plants).

MINNIKIN packaging is not your plant’s ideal long-term home. You can either place your plant into your favourite pot directly (and then take it out to water) or replant it in a pot the same size as your plant. Replant after 12-18 months into the next size pot.

Sun exposure They like the sun: semi-sun to full sun is good (including tolerating afternoon direct sunlight).

Water Half a litre of water (4 teacups) a week for good growth. Can handle dry periods.

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