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The Crispy Wave comes from the fern family, a very ancient family of plants, rich with symbolic meaning, yet this variety was only identified and cultivated in relatively modern times. They express sincerity and allure, deemed symbols of luck, riches, protection and rainmaking.

For the New Zealand Maori, the unfurling fern frond is the basis of the koru which represents peace, tranquillity and spirituality, along with new growth or new beginnings. The fern (or Aya) is an African Adinkra symbol of endurance and resourcefulness. For the Japanese, the fern symbolises hope of posterity.

Today, a fern is seen to gift the receiver with the hope of confidence, shelters, wealth and happiness. The fern is considered to have protective properties for the home or office and is an air-purifying houseplant.



Plant Type Indoor Housplant

Its Future
If well looked after, a Crispy Wave can become a plant for life and become fuller and fuller.

Plant for Thought
They can be great in both hanging or standing pots. They can add interest to earns, fireplaces, study shelves and hallway tables and with their air purifying qualities, they do well in areas frequently used in the home or office.

MINNIKIN packaging is not your plant’s ideal long-term home. You can either place your plant into your favourite pot directly (and then take it out to water) or replant it in a pot the same size as your plant. Replant after 6-8 months into the next size pot (if you keep replanting it over time into larger pots it can grow into a massive air-purifying bush).

Sun Exposure
They like a bright place but not full afternoon sun (so avoid south and west facing aspects).

The standard is a tea cup of so once or twice a week (they prefer not to dry out, although they will tolerate a little neglect from time to time). When you replant it, ensure this is not a time of neglect, water it more than usual. They also benefit from misting in Summer (don’t we all!) but you can reduce the frequency of watering in the Winter months.

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