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The unique Cactus plant is often considered a pretty harsh plant but it actually symbolizes endurance, standing the test of time, protection from danger and finally warmth and care. Its symbolism comes from adapting and conquering dry desert climates. It reminds us to not only survive but to thrive no matter what the circumstances.

No two plants are the same but the Cactus really knows how to be an individual. There are over 2,000 different varieties and within each of those, each Cactus will grow its own way.

As a gift it reminds us to keep strength in who we are and cheering us on for a long and thriving future.

Plant Type Indoor Houseplant

Plant for Thought

Cactus will enjoy a sunny and bright spot all year round so they do well on window sills and on shelves or tables that receive lots of light. Whilst non-toxic, they are prickly little things, so find a spot that is out of the way.


They do need water however they like to fully dry out first. Re-water once the soil is completely dry which usually is around once a week or less in the colder months. They will benefit from some dry periods & much less watering in Winter, mimicking their desert conditions which provide a dry period followed by rain in the Spring and Summer.

Water from below to avoid rotting.


M I N N I K I N packaging is not your Cactus’s ideal long-term home. You must take it out of its packaging to water and return it to its hat box once dry. In time you can either place your plant into your favourite pot directly and then take it out to water or replant it in Spring in a slightly larger container which has good drainage, this will help good growth.

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