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An Areca Palm often conjures up ideas of sun-soaked holidays and its symbolic strength does indeed come from its association as a solar symbol. It has many positive connotations including a symbol of victory, triumph, freedom, peace, truth, honour, reward, returning happily from a journey, expansion and eternal life.

As a solar symbol, most of the Areca Palm’s traits are masculine in nature. However, it also bears fruit, making it equally feminine. Thus, the Areca Palm can symbolize a perfect balance of unity. It’s also a symbol of longevity because of its height and its ability to produce fruit for many years. Palms are therefore considered to be symbols of good luck.

They’re also very healthy houseguests as they provide air-purifying qualities for the home or office.


Plant Type Indoor Houseplant

Its Future
In indoor locations, it tends to grow between 6 to 7 feet. These palms typically grow 6 to 7 inches per year. The Areca Palm is one of the easiest palm trees to grow indoors, is relatively disease-free and topped a NASA study of the top 10 best air purifying plants.

Plant for thought
Consider a place in your home where you can reap the most benefit from its great air purifying qualities. Its beauty and relaxing qualities are perfect for frequently used parts of your home and office and they add interest to plain spaces such as hallways.

MINNIKIN packaging is not your palm’s ideal long-term home. You can either place your plant into your favourite pot directly (and then take it out to water). Or replant it in a slightly larger container which has good drainage.

Within one to two years, you can re-pot your plant in the next size up container. New growth springs from a central growing point at the top of a palm tree’s trunk, which means that palms can’t be pruned to reduce their height; pruning can damage or kill the plant. The only recourse if a tree grows too tall is to relocate it to an area with a higher ceiling.

Sun Exposure
Areca palms do not like full afternoon sun through a window (avoid south and west facing windows) and avoid putting them near a radiator.

Areca palms do not respond well to overwatering, you don’t want to soak them, water sparingly. As a rule of thumb water once a week (half to one tea cup a week) or water the plants when the soil feels dry a little below the surface. Containers need functioning drain holes and any excess water that collects in a saucer beneath the pot should be removed (they don’t like wet feet).

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